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Our Team 


GymZone is a women-owned, women-led operation. We are an equal opportunity employer, embracing anyone who shares in our core values. We hire for character first, then train the skill and we will go short-staffed before we go poorly staffed. Our Company Culture is paramount and our team is empowered to embrace, live and teach our values daily. 


GymZone Core Values 

Gratitude: I understand that gratitude can positively change my brain and contributes to greater resilience, happiness as well as improved wellbeing and stress management. Each day, I will make my best effort to cultivate/practice gratitude at least once, each day with and for myself, my colleagues, all of our members and my family. 

Inclusivity: I understand that GymZone is a safe space for everyone, free of judgment and that there is a zero tolerance for bullying of any kind. I will make every effort to be kind and respectful, and immediately discourage any behaviour that is not inline with this value. I understand that I do not have to agree or understand anyone's personal beliefs however, I will make every effort to respect them.

Integrity: I will conduct myself with integrity at all times. I will follow all company policies and procedures and suggest any improvements that would enhance the experience for all. I will be honest, sincere, kind and considerate to others. 

Teamwork: I understand that I am part of a team. In order for the organization to run effectively, I realize everyone on the team has respective strengths and weaknesses. I will give credit to the strengths of my co-workers and be helpful where they need support. I will be upfront with my co-workers and give them open and direct feedback, rather than talking about them behind their backs. I agree to be open to receiving constructive feedback from my co-workers to help me grow and be the best I can be.

Accountability: I understand that all of my actions affect my colleagues, the children I coach and the organization as a whole. I will own my mistakes and will accept responsibility accordingly. 

Amazing Service: I understand that the happiness, wellbeing and safety of our members (parents and children) is priority number one. I will do my part to help ensure they feel welcome, comfortable and safe at GymZone. 

Work Ethic:  I will be dependable, arriving at work every day on time. I will enjoy my job and allow those around me to enjoy their job. I will engage in ongoing professional development so that the new skills I learn can be applied to move the team and club forward. I am encouraged to work smarter, not harder and make every effort to view each challenge as an opportunity. 

Sustainability: We are committed to providing an environment for lifelong learning, personal and professional growth at GymZone. Success is shared with the team. 

Open & Transparent Communication: We are committed to setting clear expectations and how you can effectively contribute in your role and have an open door policy on how we can continue to support you and help you succeed in your role.

 Our Staff 


Lisa Kivinen

Owner & Founder

Jack Miller


Alexandra Larocque (she/her)

Club Director

Tia Richter (she/her)

Club Director


Sarah Rankin (she/her)

Assistant Recreational Team & Program Lead and Recreational Coach

Julie McEwen (she/her)

WAG Head Coach

Brent Farnsworth (he/him)

T&T Head Coach, Recreational Coach

Kerri Sinclair

Competitive Coach

Meghan Baziw (she/her)

Assistant WAG Head Coach & Recreational Coach


Graham Boland (he/him)

Supervisor & Recreational Coach

Manual Sarmiento (he/him)

Recreational Cheerleading Coach & Competitive WAG Coach

Kennedy Newell (she/her)

Recreational & Competitive Coach


Paulena Moote (she/her)

Love's Curated Market Team Lead, Recreational Coach & Supervisor

Dr. Michelle Seanor (she/her)

Competitive & Recreational Coach

Dayna Singer (she/her)

Competitive & Recreational Coach

John Dainton (he/him)

Competitive Coach

Gabby Gagnon

Recreational Coach, Supervisor & Administrator 

Leticia Grego Langella (she/her)

Recreational & PLAYabilities Coach

Jessica Axiak (she/her)


Valerie Malmiste (she/her)


Jennifer Burns (she/her)


Hazel Sarvas

Recreational Coach

Alexandrea Shepard (she/her)

Recreational Coach & Supervisor

Eve Lacroix 

Recreational Coach

Sophie Griffith

Recreational Coach

Kaylie Rumford

Recreational Coach

Bernadette Chamberlain (she/her)

Recreational Coach

Margo Lafreniere (she/her)

Recreational Coach

Jen Ietswaard 

Recreational Coach

Kaelyn Gray (she/her)

Recreational Coach

Danica Gilbert (she/her) 

Recreational Coach

Ashley Ortiz (she/her)

Recreational Cheerleading Coach 


Hector Loiselle (he/him)

Recreational Coach


Bella Jolly

Recreational Coach


Bella Pickett

Recreational Coach

Palak Donga

Recreational Coach

Mackenzie Gideon


Aleah Bouillon


















Land Acknowledgement


GymZone would like to acknowledge the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850. We also further recognize that our facility is situated on the traditional lands of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, and that the Greater City of Sudbury also includes the traditional lands of the Wahnapitae First Nation. We are grateful to be able to learn, live, work, teach and do gymnastics as uninvited guests, on the lands of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and Wahnapitae First Nation. To acknowledge these territories, is to recognize that these Indigenous peoples were here prior to colonization, and that the lands hold significance to them, those who came before them, and their future generations.